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"Doing what you love is Freedom,
loving what you do is Happiness "

2020: Click, Tour, Belgio

2019: Horse Dreaming, Cina

2018: Lampionaio, 250 Show Tour, Belgio

2017: Turkmenistan, Giochi Olimpici

2016: TedX, racconto della mia vita

2015: Allavita, Cirque du Soleil


MARCO MIGLIAVACCA was born in Novara on March 3, 1989.

At 18 he began to create shows where juggling and magic melt and with a good dose of courage he began to propose himself to parties, events and festivals. Over the years he perfected his juggling numbers, enriching them with fiery and acrobatic numbers.


He attended training courses in Italy and abroad:


  • Theater course at the Teatro Dimitri school with Emmanuel Pouilly (Switzerland 2009-1010).

  • Clown course at the Dimitri Theater school with Bernard Stöckli (Switzerland 2009-2010).

  • Juggling course with Andreas Manz, teacher of the Dimitri Theater school (Novara Italy 2010)

  • Contemporary juggling stage Denis Paumier (Turin 2010).

  • Verticalism stage Pascal Angelier (Turin 2011).

  • Chinese Pole stage with Paolo Locci (Turin 2011).

  • Theater course at the Strömstad Gymnasium. (Sweden 2011).

  • Theater stage with Marcello Chiarenza director and set designer (Crema 2012)

  • Science Theater Course at Piccolo Teatro di Milano (Milan 2013)

  • Stage "the figure of the clown" with Emmanuel Pouilly (Novara 2013)

He attended the University course for the Study of Motor-Activities applied to Circus Arts (310 hours) (Torvergata, September 2013 - June 2014), passing the final exam with a rating of 10/10 and with the following note from the body professor:


“In managing the group he is very precise, technical and demanding. Attentive to safety and discipline, he sees his experience as a conductor. Show commitment and dedication. "


In September 2011 together with three friends Marco opened the Circus school DimiDimitri in Novara.

In a few months it can boast numerous collaborations in Italy and abroad.



  • CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, ALLAVITA: physical actor and main character of the show (Expo Milano 2014 - 2015)

  • Speaker at the TEDX Conference (Italy, April 2016)

  • The only Italian guest at the LONDON BURLESQUE FESTIVAL (London 2016, 2017)

  • SPROKJEES ENZO, LAMPIONAIO: physical actor and juggler for over 250 performances on Tour (Belgium 2016 -2019)

  • Acrobat at TEATRO REGIO TORINO, opera PAGLIACCI, directed by Gabriele Lavia (Torino, 2017)

  • Acrobat at the opening ceremony of the Eastern Olympics in ASHGABAT (Turkmenistan AIMAG 2017)

  • Clown, Actor and main character in HORSE DREAMING, directed by Mario Luraschi, directed by Antonio Giarola (China, 2019)

  • From January 2020 tour in Belgium with the circus show CLICK by Sprokjees Enzo, directed by Pietro Chiarenza.




In recent years he has worked as a performer in numerous events in Italy and abroad for public and private entities such as:



Chicco, Artsana, Whirlpool, Jaeger-LeCoutre, Red Bull, Cavalli, Fairmont Hotel Montecarlo, Maserati, Sisal, Sisma, Versace.





  • Artistic direction of the contemporary circus festival ORTACIRKOS Italy (June-September 2010).

  • Organization Franco Agostino Teatro Festival city of Crema (May 2010 - May 2011).

  • Organization Franco Agostino Teatro Festival city of Novara (April 2011- April 2012- March 2013).

  • French Telethon opening (Paris December 2010).

  • Piccolo Milano Theater Announcer (2011).

  • Artistic direction Festival of Melun Square (Paris, March 2012- April 2013)

  • Exhibition direction "the hanging circus" (Novara, April 2012)

  • Winner of the Festival of Social Theater FITEL Piedmont 2012 with the show Rider Mortis (Turin 2012)

  • Juggling teacher in the "Capo verde circus" project (September 2012 and June 2013) Cape Verde, Africa.

  • Mirabilia Festival with the Foreign show (June 2017)

  • Hronov Festival, Prague, Czech Rep. (August 2017)

  • Juggling teacher in the project "GDS" at the Beni Culturali Milano University (2014 - 2019)




He worked at the Progetto Bagliori association in Venice, followed and directed by the Belgian director Pietro Chiarenza, with whom he staged: The Garden Island (Pordenone Italy 2010). The Giant of Fire (Lodi Italy 2010). Let's light up Naples (Naples 2011). Angels and Demons (Piacenza 2012). Zurhong (Milan 2013). Black Fire (Monteriggioni 2013). Angels and Demons (Padua 2013). Angels and Demons (Venice 2014). Time Passes (Belgium 2017 \ 18)


He works with Alessandro Serena at "Circo e Dintorni" with the show The Night of the Elements: Rovigo Italy 2010, Faenza Italy 2012, New Year's eve Piazza Affari Milan 2012, Ravenna 2013, Udine 2015.


He worked for the Winter Tour (Italy France Switzerland) with the Karakasa Circus, Circus and Surroundings Company with the show CASA dolce CASA (December 2013- April 2014). Directed by Marcello Chiarenza, Alessandro Serena.




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